School Facilities

Modern & Well equiped Fascilities

Our school is located in the center of Madrid, with shops, banks, supermarkets and the metro really close by. The school is modern, spacious and equipped with everything you might need while doing your TEFL course. We have a library with lots of books for you to plan your lessons, as well as a beautiful resource room where you can use our computers or bring your own laptop if you prefer. There’s always a place for you to get comfortable and work! We also have a fast and high tech industrial printer and photocopier so there is no hanging around waiting for your materials to print.

In addition to this, we have eleven classrooms with natural sunlight that were recently redecorated and are equipped with computers and speakers so that you can use technology while teaching if you want. We even have an interactive whiteboard—one of the most modern ESL classroom resources! More academies and schools are starting to use them so we want to make sure our trainees become familiar with using this new technology. All trainees will have an opportunity to teach using this whiteboard.

We all know that the course is tough, so coffee is one of the essentials during the 4 weeks! You can make coffee and tea whenever you like in our brand new kitchen. It’s got everything you could possibly need: a vending machine, a fridge, plates and a microwave. Everything is there for you to use and enjoy whilst on your breaks.

Since we know that resting is almost as important as studying, we designed a chill out room for you to spend your free time in. It is the perfect atmosphere for you to recharge batteries and rest when needed.

What are you waiting for? Come visit us! We will be happy to give you coffee and a tour.