The TtMadrid Family

The TtMadrid Family

Graduation PartyMoving to Spain and leaving your family and friends behind can be a bit daunting so we make sure you’ll have a strong support network upon your arrival in Madrid. TtMadrid graduates tend to be very close for a number of reasons.

First of all, TtMadrid provides intensive support for your transition to Madrid. With everything from opening a bank account to getting a phone, someone will help you adjust. As a result of this, and the intensive nature of the course, trainees form strong relationships during the course with each other and with the large number of graduates who constantly stop by the school for coffee, resources, and advice.

We also put together various social events all year to help you get out there and get to know Madrid and fellow wanderlusters. You will be always welcome to join the graduation parties and you’ll get to experience the best bars in Madrid through the eyes of grads. That’s right! We also have the newest grads take out the new trainees for tapas and cañas to provide them with interesting tips for their new lives in Madrid. When you become a grad, it’ll be your turn to plan something nice for the incoming group. It’s impossible not to make friends like this, huh?

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Want to meet people before you arrive or get some impartial advice about our course? Why not chat to our graduates on Facebook. Facebook has become a very easy way for us to communicate with you both pre- and post-course.

If you would like to talk to our graduates and meet others who are coming on your course you can join our newbies group (search for TtMadrid Newbies). We also have a Facebook page where we keep you posted on the latest social events, teaching tips, photos, websites for planning classes, Tt gossip, opportunities, etc. We make sure that whatever we see, you get to see it as well! (click on the link and become a fan).

We are also on both Twitter (@ttmadridtefl) and Instagram (@ttmadridtefl). Follow us and stay up to date with everything that goes on!

Last but not least . . . don’t forget to check our blog periodically. We constantly upload articles about everything you need to know life in Madrid.

Student testimonial

Name: Michelle Martinez
Nationality: American/Spanish

If you are looking to become an excellent teacher and experience the culture and beauty of Spain, I highly recommend TtMadrid! Spain needs English teachers and there are a lot of people who know that. It is important to be fully prepared and have an edge on the other teachers out there. TtMadrid gives you that edge! I found the course to be extremely informative and very complete. Natasha and Temura are excellent at what they do and they transmit their enthusiasm and knowledge to you. At TtMadrid, the course prepares you so well in things like how to manage a classroom, work with students one-to-one, design an intensive course, etc. that you leave there feeling confident and able to teach any level in any situation. I got a job the Monday after I graduated!

Another quality I must mention is the warmth and support you feel there. It is a very important thing to feel “safe” in your environment and Tt goes the extra mile. Even if Spain is not your final destination, this course will prepare you to teach in any country.

If you are willing to give 100%, TtMadrid delivers results!